“Self aware”

Stop! Filter out the noise,
Don't talk, Don't act,
bring everything to poise.
Don't interact,Don't describe,
just be observant,and yet don't subscribe.
Needless is the "yoga mat", and "chinese brews",
needless are "burning incense" or any external cues.
Observe yourself,Observe your folk,
Observe your surroundings, and let it all soak.
Not the humiliating past,
Nor the fascinating future,
I am in the present,
Worrying is needless torture.
Not setting goals, not seeking destinations,
drifting like wood, free of heavy motivations.
Accepting the current, not resisting the flow,
Embracing the "Dao", "Suffering, I let you go!".
I acknowledge myself, I approve my stature,
Am grateful for self and clarity in my nature.


"Dao" : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taoism

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