Shayari(शायरी) + Haiku : “You did ….! But can you …??”

Image कामियाब हो तुम हमारा दिल तोड़ने में,मगर हमारा हौसला कहाँ तोड़ पावोगे ? You are successful!Success in breaking my heart!But can you break my spirit? चुरा सकते हो हमारी कलम और कलाममगर हमारा हुनर कहाँ चुरा पावोगे ? Ah! You stole my pen!Lucky at stealing my work.But can you steal my talent? मिट्टी में … Continue reading Shayari(शायरी) + Haiku : “You did ….! But can you …??”

Haiku/Shayari(शायरी) : Just cairn! Not mountain!

Qixingtan Beach (七星潭) , Hualien City (花蓮), Taiwan (photo by Joseph Elwin Fernandes) Haiku: Arranged scattered stones,titles it a “master piece”. Pfff!Just cairn, not mountain! Don't be so proud man,You are mere flicking flame! Pfff!Just a lamp, not Sun! Bubble on water;Life so fragile, so frail Pfff! Just a drop, not flood! You know to … Continue reading Haiku/Shayari(शायरी) : Just cairn! Not mountain!