“Name is Humor, .. Dark Humor!”

At the end of the day,
after toiling my day’s pay,
Bored, clicking and scrolling for fun,
I found a joke on the “infobahn”,

Here it goes,

A prisoner in the jail,
a learnt soul, who lost his bail,
dawdles towards the library,
to read and brush off his misery.
“Good Sir!” said the new con,
“Do we have this book?”
“Oh no, that’s long gone!”,
replied the old nerdy crook.
“Oh Lad! Don’t be worried a bit.
You are lucky!
We have the bastard who authored it!”

This tickled my ribs very hard,
“Ha Ha ha!” I loudly cackled,
But harsh epiphany grappled,
and my laughter was charred.

“This is no joke, this is sad tale,
A tale of humorous charade,
and tragedy under the veil.
A tale of lost freedoms,
and democracy put to sale.
A tale of muted speech,
and freethinkers cooped up in jail.
A tale of shameful ostracism,
and nationalism measured in scale.
A tale of decorated parades,
and marching bloody trails.
A tale of the “SUPREME” leaders,
and the oppressed made to hail.”

But then, I sighed gratefully in relief,
with reassurance and cocooned belief,
“This will never happen to my beloved state!
Don’t worry in vain, there’s nothing to relate!”

Just like me, thinking naively,
we all don’t give a damn piss.
Existing and resting comfortably,
“Indifference and Ignorance is our happy bliss”
The loving leader, shepherds the dumb,
Addictive media, renders the mind numb,
A happy tummy and a comfy bum,
“living the dream”, the common man’s life sum.


Special thanks to Moushmi Sinha for editing.

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