बीत रात के सपनें – Dreams of bygone night

Image रात जो बीत गयी है उसके सपनें ना देखिए,बस पैरों की ज़ंजीर बन जाएंगें,दिन जो हातों में है बस उसके पल खिलाइए,खुली उड़ान की तकदीर बन जाएंगे। यार जो ना रहा है उसके ग़मों को ना गिनिए,बस दिल के ताज़े ज़ख्म बन जाएंगें,प्यार जो सामने है उसकी बातों को समेटिए,वही अमन की नज़्म बन … Continue reading बीत रात के सपनें – Dreams of bygone night

[6 KIMO] “Oh master! tell me…” #3

Image Oh Master! What carries the most venom?Fangs of the King Cobra andWords of toxic person. Master! What should I be more wary of?The enmeshed parent's queries,and Coy lover's demands. Master! What are symptoms of "Deception"?Fever of fear, Phlegm of doubt,Ache of uncertainty. Master! Ah! What disease cannot be cured?Greed in a wolfish sibling,Jealousy in … Continue reading [6 KIMO] “Oh master! tell me…” #3

[6 KIMO] “Oh master! tell me…” #2

Image Oh Master! What would be the worst regret?Abandoned obligationand Declined call for help. Master! What is always overrated?Existence of free will andself credit for success. Master! What's unending and fatuous quest?Quest of gratification and appeasing spoiled brats. Master! What's viable and sensible quest?Quest of self contentment andedifying the willful. Master! Who's the greatest con … Continue reading [6 KIMO] “Oh master! tell me…” #2

“You”; Not absolute but a version in space and time.

Image From the day of your "Conception",to the day of "expiration",your composition is swapped.Like legendary Theseus's ship,surely, in due time, chip by chip,every strip is changed and dropped. So then, what has remained of "You"?True identity or just view ?What's true? Abstract or real?What If someone rejoins each shard,rebuilds "you" or "ship" in his yard,by … Continue reading “You”; Not absolute but a version in space and time.

[6 KIMO] “Oh master! tell me…”

Image "Oh Master! what will not yield a return?""Decorating cadaversand helping ungrateful." "Master! what's cruel and needs rebellion?""Onus without power andunchecked authority." "Master! what's most difficult to control?""The monkeying mind and theWriggling and itching tongue..." "Master! What causes most of temptations? ""Swelling fortune, deprived handsand an oppressive guard..." "Master! Who always exaggerates?""Always slacking colleague andCook … Continue reading [6 KIMO] “Oh master! tell me…”

Be generous, Be wise…

Image Food is much valued when hungry,but beware of grunting gluttons!Berth is much valued when weary,but beware of lazing bottoms! Drink is much valued when thirsty,but beware of pesky suckers!Help is much valued when needy,but beware of thankless seekers! Yes! Charity is virtuous,but it breeds hordes of moochers.Gullible nursing birds nurture,imposturous cuckoo's youngsters. "Am entitled!" … Continue reading Be generous, Be wise…

Haiku/Shayari(शायरी) : Just cairn! Not mountain!

Qixingtan Beach (七星潭) , Hualien City (花蓮), Taiwan (photo by Joseph Elwin Fernandes) Haiku: Arranged scattered stones,titles it a “master piece”. Pfff!Just cairn, not mountain! Don't be so proud man,You are mere flicking flame! Pfff!Just a lamp, not Sun! Bubble on water;Life so fragile, so frail Pfff! Just a drop, not flood! You know to … Continue reading Haiku/Shayari(शायरी) : Just cairn! Not mountain!

“Self aware”

image Stop! Filter out the noise,Don't talk, Don't act,bring everything to poise.Don't interact,Don't describe,just be observant,and yet don't subscribe.Needless is the "yoga mat", and "chinese brews",needless are "burning incense" or any external cues.Observe yourself,Observe your folk,Observe your surroundings, and let it all soak.Not the humiliating past,Nor the fascinating future,I am in the present,Worrying is needless … Continue reading “Self aware”