[6 KIMO] “Oh master! tell me…”

Image "Oh Master! what will not yield a return?""Decorating cadaversand helping ungrateful." "Master! what's cruel and needs rebellion?""Onus without power andunchecked authority." "Master! what's most difficult to control?""The monkeying mind and theWriggling and itching tongue..." "Master! What causes most of temptations? ""Swelling fortune, deprived handsand an oppressive guard..." "Master! Who always exaggerates?""Always slacking colleague andCook … Continue reading [6 KIMO] “Oh master! tell me…”

Teachers, “heroes of deliverance”

image "Teachers", selfless trees of learning,Once, under whom we were frail saplings.Nurtured, protected, disciplined playful minds,Yet received menial wages, for the draining grind.They led us from empty darkness to knowing light,"Gurus!",Showed us true path of enlightening right.But, Forgotten and Neglected,are these "Architects of society",We the "fruits of their labor",boastful in our proprietary.Today, the least to … Continue reading Teachers, “heroes of deliverance”