Honor in a Vagina?

Image : "The Rape of Europa (Titian)" Switched on the news and my heart ached"Breaking news!!" "Another Girl Raped!!", Now people say "Her honor is gone!""Our community's honor is gone!"But she asks "how is the honor gone?" "Was my honor in my Vagina?!""Was their honor in my Vagina?!""Who placed "Honor" in my Vagina?!" Is this … Continue reading Honor in a Vagina?

[TANKA] : काला चना चाट / Black Chickpeas Chaat

Tanka: Boiled black chickpeas well,Carrot, Onion, Fresh DhaniyaIs it enough? No!Cumin, Chaat, Chilli powder,Lemon juice, mixed well and served!   PS:1. All Protein and Vegan 2. Carrot or Tomato3. Fresh Dhaniya = Fresh Coriander 4. Chaat Powder = is a spice powder mix or masala, originating from South Asia to add flavor to fruit salads … Continue reading [TANKA] : काला चना चाट / Black Chickpeas Chaat

बीत रात के सपनें – Dreams of bygone night

Image रात जो बीत गयी है उसके सपनें ना देखिए,बस पैरों की ज़ंजीर बन जाएंगें,दिन जो हातों में है बस उसके पल खिलाइए,खुली उड़ान की तकदीर बन जाएंगे। यार जो ना रहा है उसके ग़मों को ना गिनिए,बस दिल के ताज़े ज़ख्म बन जाएंगें,प्यार जो सामने है उसकी बातों को समेटिए,वही अमन की नज़्म बन … Continue reading बीत रात के सपनें – Dreams of bygone night

[6 KIMO] “Oh master! tell me…” #3

Image Oh Master! What carries the most venom?Fangs of the King Cobra andWords of toxic person. Master! What should I be more wary of?The enmeshed parent's queries,and Coy lover's demands. Master! What are symptoms of "Deception"?Fever of fear, Phlegm of doubt,Ache of uncertainty. Master! Ah! What disease cannot be cured?Greed in a wolfish sibling,Jealousy in … Continue reading [6 KIMO] “Oh master! tell me…” #3

[6 KIMO] “Oh master! tell me…” #2

Image Oh Master! What would be the worst regret?Abandoned obligationand Declined call for help. Master! What is always overrated?Existence of free will andself credit for success. Master! What's unending and fatuous quest?Quest of gratification and appeasing spoiled brats. Master! What's viable and sensible quest?Quest of self contentment andedifying the willful. Master! Who's the greatest con … Continue reading [6 KIMO] “Oh master! tell me…” #2

“You”; Not absolute but a version in space and time.

Image From the day of your "Conception",to the day of "expiration",your composition is swapped.Like legendary Theseus's ship,surely, in due time, chip by chip,every strip is changed and dropped. So then, what has remained of "You"?True identity or just view ?What's true? Abstract or real?What If someone rejoins each shard,rebuilds "you" or "ship" in his yard,by … Continue reading “You”; Not absolute but a version in space and time.

[3 Kimo] Amateur’s “Pav”

Amateur baker attempts to bake "Pav";knead, rest, knead and gluten formed;Will bake "Pav" in ""Cooker". This amateur bakes "Pav"; waits and waits;Fills house with lingering smell;Conjuring hot wheat "pav". Amateur's "pav" makes his son delighted;Son : "Dad! Keema Pav is yum!","Phew!" mission accomplished! "3 KIMO" or "Keema & 3 Pav".. pun intended 😉 😀 Reference: … Continue reading [3 Kimo] Amateur’s “Pav”

A bard’s lost love..

Image Such cruel fate the "Moirai" weave,Yearning souls suffer, tied hands leave,and hearts grieve with shallow smiles."Converge!", "Diverge!" the kismet calls;Puppeteer show and dancing dolls;Life trolls the harrowing miles. Worded poems in bard's quivers,Not letters but his heart's slivers,He covers, conceals and hide."Love's just a melancholic play","Forget!" "Move on!" the logic say,and heart obeys to … Continue reading A bard’s lost love..