“Poet, Poems and … :P”

Image A honest poet is the "True poet",Rest all are crafty "Word hustlers". "Poem" writes itself when the soul renders.Rest everything is excessive "Blabber". Sincere and innocent at it's core mantle,"Rhymes", "syllables", "lines"are just ornamental. Philosophy; Heartwood of poetic hubs,Rotting heartwood breeds only gnarly grubs. "Poet" dares to create "Veracious opus",Equivocation is skill of pretentious … Continue reading “Poet, Poems and … :P”

Haiku/Shayari(शायरी) : Just cairn! Not mountain!

Qixingtan Beach (七星潭) , Hualien City (花蓮), Taiwan (photo by Joseph Elwin Fernandes) Haiku: Arranged scattered stones,titles it a “master piece”. Pfff!Just cairn, not mountain! Don't be so proud man,You are mere flicking flame! Pfff!Just a lamp, not Sun! Bubble on water;Life so fragile, so frail Pfff! Just a drop, not flood! You know to … Continue reading Haiku/Shayari(शायरी) : Just cairn! Not mountain!

“Self aware”

image Stop! Filter out the noise,Don't talk, Don't act,bring everything to poise.Don't interact,Don't describe,just be observant,and yet don't subscribe.Needless is the "yoga mat", and "chinese brews",needless are "burning incense" or any external cues.Observe yourself,Observe your folk,Observe your surroundings, and let it all soak.Not the humiliating past,Nor the fascinating future,I am in the present,Worrying is needless … Continue reading “Self aware”

कामयबी (Achievement)

image सिर्फ हसीन ख्वाबों से मिलती नहीं मंज़िल ,खून पसीने से मुकम्मल होती है तकदीर,कामयबी सिर्फ आंखोंकी नेमत नहीं,हाथों के पुखतें इरादों से बनती है तस्वीर।सिर्फ कानों के तरसने से सुनने को मिलता नहीं कलाम,शब्दों की कारीगरी से ही खिलती है नज़्म।  सिर्फ हलके ख्यालों से कोई बनता नहीं शायर,ज़हन की गहराइयों में ही मिलती … Continue reading कामयबी (Achievement)


art by Joseph Fernandes Multitude of souls have gathered,at edges of the "Megacosm"(1).Whimpering and clamoring,at the shores of the "Mortem"(2).Souls of sovereigns, Souls of tyrants,Souls of plebeians and vagrants.Souls of felons, souls of innocents,Souls of wrinkly and infants.Souls of promiscuous, souls of virtuous,Souls of beauteous and hideous.Souls of pious, Souls of blasphemers,Souls of clergy and … Continue reading Death

Affair with the “Night Quean”

image source Salty moist eyes bid adieu,to the dark courtesan, "Night".Recalling stories they shared,squinting at captious day light.Disapproval, disgust, condemnation,is discourse of the "burning eye",Kindness, empathy, solacewas transcendence of the "blemished ally".Pretentious upright grandiose,snubs the aching hearts,Bonafide sensitive songs, obscured by narcissistic farts.Flashy colors of the ostentatious,cannot fool the innately sagacious.Though multitudes are lured bytheir charismatic … Continue reading Affair with the “Night Quean”

Mind, A cage of flaming arrows.

Mind, a cage of flaming arrows,Cold abyss of blue, not warming shallows.Trapped existence within a delirium,deceptively idyllic, a devious mysterium.Obsessed with it's fallacious firmans,possessed by it's malicious demons.Acclimated to it's abuse, self justified,prisoner to it's whims, control nullified.Fallen in love with frail walls, towering high,"Precious" delicate shackles, refuse to untie.Like Plato's imprisoned trio(1), enamored of … Continue reading Mind, A cage of flaming arrows.