“B’lore’s Autumn Morning”

"Bangalore’s crisp autumn morn,Gradient blotted blue, dark-some gone,Sleepy yawn, greets chirping wings.Stoned paths riddle trimmed cushion grass,Yellow hedges crease fruiting mass,Shining gloss vivifies things." PS : My first "Cywydd Llosgyrnog"! Thanks to David and his previous post "Fate, or: Folly" , I learned this type of poetic meter. 🙏😌

Wildling bloom

Art by Joseph Elwin Ferandes Nature's unadulterated callow,sprung up in random meadows.Born free under the open blue,carefree, tipping the morning dew.Didn't spin, nor labored a loom,yet mightily dressed than the royal groom.Little "Nectar cups" feed the toiling bees,tiny, tiny drops fill up the boasty seas.Till the horizon spreads the colorful cover,Carefully blanketing "Gaia", the resting … Continue reading Wildling bloom