Art by Joseph Elwin Fernandes Boneless wriggling worm; "Recalcitrant".Rude rash haughty; "Insolent".Digs pit for self; "Foolish". PS: It's a my first "Kimo". I wanted a write a lengthy poem on this topic of  "Tongue", but then I thought, sometimes "Less is more!" and let the art do the talking. Thanks David for introducing me to … Continue reading “Tongue”

A bard’s lost love..

Image Such cruel fate the "Moirai" weave,Yearning souls suffer, tied hands leave,and hearts grieve with shallow smiles."Converge!", "Diverge!" the kismet calls;Puppeteer show and dancing dolls;Life trolls the harrowing miles. Worded poems in bard's quivers,Not letters but his heart's slivers,He covers, conceals and hide."Love's just a melancholic play","Forget!" "Move on!" the logic say,and heart obeys to … Continue reading A bard’s lost love..

“B’lore’s Autumn Morning”

"Bangalore’s crisp autumn morn,Gradient blotted blue, dark-some gone,Sleepy yawn, greets chirping wings.Stoned paths riddle trimmed cushion grass,Yellow hedges crease fruiting mass,Shining gloss vivifies things." PS : My first "Cywydd Llosgyrnog"! Thanks to David and his previous post "Fate, or: Folly" , I learned this type of poetic meter. 🙏😌

“Poet, Poems and … :P”

Image A honest poet is the "True poet",Rest all are crafty "Word hustlers". "Poem" writes itself when the soul renders.Rest everything is excessive "Blabber". Sincere and innocent at it's core mantle,"Rhymes", "syllables", "lines"are just ornamental. Philosophy; Heartwood of poetic hubs,Rotting heartwood breeds only gnarly grubs. "Poet" dares to create "Veracious opus",Equivocation is skill of pretentious … Continue reading “Poet, Poems and … :P”

“Self aware”

image Stop! Filter out the noise,Don't talk, Don't act,bring everything to poise.Don't interact,Don't describe,just be observant,and yet don't subscribe.Needless is the "yoga mat", and "chinese brews",needless are "burning incense" or any external cues.Observe yourself,Observe your folk,Observe your surroundings, and let it all soak.Not the humiliating past,Nor the fascinating future,I am in the present,Worrying is needless … Continue reading “Self aware”

Teachers, “heroes of deliverance”

image "Teachers", selfless trees of learning,Once, under whom we were frail saplings.Nurtured, protected, disciplined playful minds,Yet received menial wages, for the draining grind.They led us from empty darkness to knowing light,"Gurus!",Showed us true path of enlightening right.But, Forgotten and Neglected,are these "Architects of society",We the "fruits of their labor",boastful in our proprietary.Today, the least to … Continue reading Teachers, “heroes of deliverance”

Wildling bloom

Art by Joseph Elwin Ferandes Nature's unadulterated callow,sprung up in random meadows.Born free under the open blue,carefree, tipping the morning dew.Didn't spin, nor labored a loom,yet mightily dressed than the royal groom.Little "Nectar cups" feed the toiling bees,tiny, tiny drops fill up the boasty seas.Till the horizon spreads the colorful cover,Carefully blanketing "Gaia", the resting … Continue reading Wildling bloom

The evening’s bride…

source The evening's bride follows the nightly trail,revealing her decorous dusky splendor,flaunting her dulcet golden veil.Reflection of jagged mighty alpine,humbled on the vast gleaming brine."Early bird", Is the nightly moon, dwarfly seen,his celestial companions, late to dimming scene.In aquatic magna, frolics my delicate dame,"Santalum" skin glows in the eventide flame.She's a slender silhouette, a dark … Continue reading The evening’s bride…


art by Joseph Fernandes Multitude of souls have gathered,at edges of the "Megacosm"(1).Whimpering and clamoring,at the shores of the "Mortem"(2).Souls of sovereigns, Souls of tyrants,Souls of plebeians and vagrants.Souls of felons, souls of innocents,Souls of wrinkly and infants.Souls of promiscuous, souls of virtuous,Souls of beauteous and hideous.Souls of pious, Souls of blasphemers,Souls of clergy and … Continue reading Death