“You”; Not absolute but a version in space and time.

From the day of your “Conception”,
to the day of “expiration”,
your composition is swapped.
Like legendary Theseus’s ship,
surely, in due time, chip by chip,
every strip is changed and dropped.

So then, what has remained of “You”?
True identity or just view ?
What’s true? Abstract or real?
What If someone rejoins each shard,
rebuilds “you” or “ship” in his yard,
by this regard, who’s the “deal”?

What’s reality then ? Let’s define it..

Your reality’s from perception,
perception from your cognition,
your cognition’s limited,
Cognition’s from augmentations,
under subjective situations;
Connections unlimited.

“You”‘re subjected to omissions,
once there are many connections,
thus, situations are random.
“Random”‘s just part of “Creation”.
So what’s residual conclusion?,
You’re “Version”, not “Total sum”.

So when you’re just “Version” in time,
who can be erased by design,
Is it fine to oversell?
Oversell self, beliefs and pride,
Surf the wave of sectarian tide;
Grip one side and create hell ?

No! Because world is a rainbow,
All colors make the cosmic glow;
“VIBYGOR” flows together.
Patience, empathy, tolerance,
solid virtues of coexistence;
Acceptance binds life’s tether.

PS: It’s a set of 6 “Cywydd Llosgyrnog“.

Thanks Cheyenne for the inspiration : Where’s the model ?

Reference :

Ship of Theseus  : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ship_of_Theseus


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