[3 Kimo] Amateur’s “Pav”

Amateur baker attempts to bake “Pav”;
knead, rest, knead and gluten formed;
Will bake “Pav” in “”Cooker”.

This amateur bakes “Pav”; waits and waits;
Fills house with lingering smell;
Conjuring hot wheat “pav”.

Amateur’s “pav” makes his son delighted;
Son : “Dad! Keema Pav is yum!”,
“Phew!” mission accomplished!

"3 KIMO" or 3 "Keema Pav".. pun intended ;)

“3 KIMO” or “Keema & 3 Pav”.. pun intended 😉 😀


“Cooker”: Pressure cooker.
“Pav” : Bread in India. Pav is a derivative of the Portuguese word pão, which means bread.
“Keema” : grounded meat

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