Be generous, Be wise…

Food is much valued when hungry,
but beware of grunting gluttons!
Berth is much valued when weary,
but beware of lazing bottoms!

Drink is much valued when thirsty,
but beware of pesky suckers!
Help is much valued when needy,
but beware of thankless seekers!

Yes! Charity is virtuous,
but it breeds hordes of moochers.
Gullible nursing birds nurture,
imposturous cuckoo’s youngsters.

“Am entitled!” is bum’s alibi,
“All for me!” is vain’s lullaby,
“Am God’s chosen one!” Karen’s ploy,
“I am a victim!” wails the coy.

“Familiarity” breeds scorn,
“Quick mercy” leads to frequent con,
“Easy rewards” are always lame,
Oh! Wake up now and up your game!

PS: All lines have 8 syllables.

I was inspired by  Cheyenne‘s  post “What more?“…  The “Druid’s Awen” made it possible 🙂

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