Future-proof paper boat… :

Made a paper boat for my boy.
“Whoopee!! Let’s sail it and enjoy!” 🙂
He snatched it, ran to the puddle,
But soon back with soggy trouble!

“There there!” I said, calming my lad,
“Chuck the worry and don’t be sad”
“Let’s make one more, my plumply chap!”
“and cover it with bubbly wrap!”

Soon there was origami boat,
Dad and son making it to float.
It proudly sailed in muddy pool,
startling frogs and tadpoles.
His elated face made me smile,
Future worries made my mood vile.
“What will he do when I am gone ?
Will he be valiant at life’s frown?”
Then a voice in me made me calm,
“Life’s a paper boat in your palm,
You stand and sob when it gets wet,
Or face the fear without regret.”

“Teach him! all the skills to survive,
boldly face his fears and to thrive.
Your money might make him secure,
but virtues shall make him mature.”

PS : All lines have 8 syllables.

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