“Poet, Poems and … :P”

A honest poet is the “True poet”,
Rest all are crafty “Word hustlers”.

“Poem” writes itself when the soul renders.
Rest everything is excessive “Blabber”.

Sincere and innocent at it’s core mantle,
“Rhymes”, “syllables”, “lines”
are just ornamental.

Philosophy; Heartwood of poetic hubs,
Rotting heartwood breeds only gnarly grubs.

“Poet” dares to create “Veracious opus”,
Equivocation is skill of pretentious “Pompous”.

Your “Poems” reflect your mind,
Careful dear!
May reveal secrets, you have denied. 😉

Slowly brewed “poems”,
produce lingering aroma,
like unfolding “Oolong leaf”,
defusing curative chroma.

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