Wildling bloom

Art by Joseph Elwin Ferandes

Nature’s unadulterated callow,
sprung up in random meadows.
Born free under the open blue,
carefree, tipping the morning dew.
Didn’t spin, nor labored a loom,
yet mightily dressed than the royal groom.
Little “Nectar cups” feed the toiling bees,
tiny, tiny drops fill up the boasty seas.
Till the horizon spreads the colorful cover,
Carefully blanketing “Gaia”, the resting mother.
Only the keen-eyed spots these untainted talents,
Simple at heart, indifferent to pretentious pageants,
“Buds in morn, flowers at noon,
shrivels at dusk and withers down soon”
Though no escape from this tale of doom,
Live life lofty, like these humble “wildling bloom”.

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