Affair with the “Night Quean”

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Salty moist eyes bid adieu,

to the dark courtesan, "Night".

Recalling stories they shared,

squinting at captious day light.

Disapproval, disgust, condemnation,

is discourse of the "burning eye",

Kindness, empathy, solace

was transcendence of the "blemished ally".

Pretentious upright grandiose,

snubs the aching hearts,

Bonafide sensitive songs, 

obscured by narcissistic farts.

Flashy colors of the ostentatious,

cannot fool the innately sagacious.

Though multitudes are lured by

their charismatic statures,

Stoic duo are unmoved by

these hollow gestures.

Surely, brightly white boasts of saintly characters,

but also veils rotting lifeless cadavers.

Alienated by these gaudy congregations,

"defamed poet" quietly yearns,

The company of his dusky "quean",

congenially conversing by the marshy ferns.


Quean : an impudent or badly behaved girl or woman or prostitute

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