Yearning Dream

As I closed my eyelids, to welcome the restful sleep,
drifting silently into the unknown deep.
On the banks I saw you, gently combing brunet hair,
Lost in thoughts, glowing with heaven’s glare.
I voiced your sweet name, but all in vain,
waved my hands, fruitless efforts under dream’s reign.
I had carried treasures from the world above,
Gems from my heart’s depths, waiting to be endowed.
Rubies of my words, unuttered,
Jades of my feelings, unexpressed,
Sapphires of my desires, unshown,
Diamond of my love, unconfessed.
I floated slowly unheard, into the hazy hue,
tears in eyes, growing distant from you.
I consoled my saddened heart, “Weep no more!”
“Collect these pearly tears and store them as before.”

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