Foolish human, dreams of…

Foolish human, dreams of glory,
but mazed by conflicting story.
Seeks freshness, in dead flowers,
Seeks love, in lost lovers.
Desires for sky, when life strives,
Yet fights for land, when death arrives.

Foolish human, dreams of marvel,
but simmers to dirty and gravel.
Torched the green, built his mansion,
Crushed the nature, without compassion.
Decorated his house with unworthy treasures,
Yet desires nature’s rewards for his nasty measures.

Foolish human, dreams of miracle,
but dies in fate’s strangle.
Lives in gone past, dreams about future unseen,
Neglects the present, gains profits very lean.
Builds floating castles, guards his worldly baggage,
Yet destined Death awaits him, at end of his voyage.

Foolish human, dreams of blessing,
but cursed by own undoing.
Looks up to the sky, for the divine being,
Connects the stars, to understand the living,
Builds temples, to worship the mighty supreme,
Yet forgets his neighbor, neglects the aching scream.

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